Get The Look: Taylor Swift

04 September 2015

Taylor really is everyone’s girl! Not only has she just made it onto the list of Forbes’ most powerful women, she has also become a role model for teenagers, twenty-somethings, adult women – and men too. The reason? She is her own person and isn’t afraid to show the world her more real and well, geeky charm. You could imagine her being your best friend and dancing like a crazy chick around your bedroom just like she did on her video for ‘Shake it off’. Most celebrities are afraid to drop the barriers on their ‘perfect’ lives, but not Taylor. We personally feel she always looks effortlessly cool whilst promoting a very period (think Hollywood glamour in the 50/60′s) all american look. Below, we picked a few of her favourite outfits from the past few months and teamed them up with very similar items on the Stylistpick website to show you how you too can achieve a slightly more affordable version of her look! Enjoy!

taylor2 (2)

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Ballentina Striped Tee – £20 – Shop Now

Platform Heels – £24 – Shop Now

taylor1 (2)

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Alice & You Knee High Boots – £51 – Shop Now

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Mac Jacket – £59.00 – Shop Now 

Stiletto Ankle Boot – £39.00 – Shop Now

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