Cruise Holiday Style Guide

17 July 2014

When packing for a holiday abroad there’s a simple checklist of essentials to consider such as sun cream, swimwear, shorts and flip flops. As this kind of packing is better practised, we find ourselves in a bit of a panic when organising ourselves for a different kind of trip such as a cruise holiday.

A cruise offers a completely different experience when compared to a standard holiday as they can vary between one week to more than a month and offer you the opportunity to visit many different places in one trip.

As each destination you visit may have a different climate you need to pack for hot sunny days as well as rainy and overcast skies to ensure you feel stylish and comfortable at all times.


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Here are some of our top tips to keep you looking like a true cruise professional:

If you’re going on a Caribbean Cruise you can expect constant sunny skies but that doesn’t mean you won’t need some layers with you. For this kind of cruise we would recommend that you take a couple of cover ups such as kimono’s and kaftans as well as an evening jacket that can be paired with skinny jeans, a skirt or cute pair of shorts.


As you may stop off to visit some beautiful beaches along the way, make sure you take a variety of bikinis so you can mix and match styles and show off your best assets. A sun hat, sunglasses and of course, a trusty beach bag are also absolute necessities.

Depending on the dress code of the cruise ship, you may also want to take some more formal evening wear such as an elegant shift dress, tailored blazer, statement accessories and a pair of heels.


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But remember, during the day it’s all about comfort as you are likely to be walking around and sightseeing when exploring each island. Pack some sandals that you know will be a footwear saviour, some lightweight cardigans and trousers in case your legs catch a little too many rays!


If you’re going on a Baltic cruise you may be required to take a few more layers to ensure you stay warm in chilly climates.

You don’t want to miss anything because it’s too cold to go outdoors so ensure you have a warm jacket such as a parka jacket or shirt that you can simply throw on to look effortlessly cool.

It’s also wise to take some long-sleeved tops, some trousers or jeans and an umbrella in case you are caught in a downpour but hopefully this will not be the case! You could even take a waterproof jacket as there are plenty of on-trend styles available from clear jackets to statement prints that you can often fold up and squeeze in your bag.


But most importantly, make sure you create some great memories on your cruise holiday, take in the sights and don’t forget your camera so you can re-live all the special moments!

Comment below if you have any style tips for cruise holidays!