How to: Festive Nail Art

17 December 2013



We can’t believe it’s one week till Christmas eve! To get us into the spirit, we’ve been experimenting with some festive nail art, our favourite beauty craze of 2013.
As a present from us, we’ll show you how to create these adorable Santa hats on your fingertips in just four easy steps.


  1. Start by painting a red triangle, starting from the tip of the nail and ending in the centre. Once it’s filled in, draw a small flick from the tip to the left. This will be the tip of the Santa hat.
  2. Along the base of the hat, paint the white fluffy edge by making a few white dots and join them up to form a bubble shape. Dot the tip of the hat to create a small pompom.
  3. Add a coat of glitter polish to the rest of the nail around the hat. You can also add red glitter to the hat itself for added sparkle.
  4. Now outline the hat with a black polish using a thin brush and finish off with a clear top coat to avoid any chips and insure your Christmassy nails stay put.