Behind the scenes at the EMA’s with Louise Roe…

13 November 2013

Louise Roe hosts the EMA’s for MTV- here is her exclusive behind the scenes diary for Stylistpick.

Amsterdam was buzzing Sunday night! I hit the red carpet in an orange printed Mara Hoffman top and skirt, Jimmy Choo heels and a Lia Sophia orange ring, so I guess you could say I had an orange theme.

I wanted my hair beachy and messy, so we added Tresemme dry shampoo as I flipped upside down, to add volume. My make-up was bronzed and dewy, with a smudged brown smokey eye. My make-up artist used MAC products: Coffee pencil, sketch eye shadow, no.36 lashes and highlighter just by my tear duct. I was so happy with the look.

Hosting the live red carpet show with my buddy Laura Whitmore, we kicked off with a performance on the actual carpet from Ylvis (you know, those dudes in furry fox outfits asking what the fox says?) And they got the crowd going nuts.

My personal highlights?

Playing jazz flute with Ron Burgundy, Katy Perry grabbing my hair to cut some off (it’s her weird penchant, carrying locks of people’s hair around!), getting a hug from Miley Cyrus (who is super cool, no matter what peeps say), and getting Afrojack to teach me the Dutch word for twerking. (It’s Tverking, FYI. Totes original I know).

My best dressed?

Ellie Goulding in sexy black lace, Katy Perry in ladylike mint green silk and a multi-colored crown, and Miley Cyrus’s thigh-high Tom Ford boots.
Inside the Ziggodome, Robin Thicke sang on top of a piano, Katy Perry sang suspended from the air in a mirrored catsuit, and Bruno Mars had his thunder stolen by the most incredibly limber pole dancer Amsterdam has ever seen!