Ever wondered who styles our fashion shoots? Wonder no more! Meet Stylist Sara J Wilson.

16 October 2013

You might recognise Sara J Wilson. After starring and going on to win channel 4’s series Style the Nation, she rubbed shoulders with Nick Grimshaw and got mentored by Giles Deacon. What an amazing start to her career. She then went on to work for high street retailer New Look to learn the business, before becoming a freelance stylist and trend consultant in her own right. Sara guest styled our latest AW13 campaign, here she gives us full access to her most stylish thoughts…


StylistPick: Describe your style in 3 words…

Sara J Wilson: Androgynous. Colour. Chavtastic. Completely for me. If James Dean was born in the 90s he’d dress like me.

SP: What is your top tip for being an individual?

SJW: Being comfortable is being confident. Being confident in your own skin is being individual.

SP: Any top styling tricks?

SJW: Tit tape and pins are my best friends. If the shoes are too big then hairspray the sole and the shoe will stay on.sara-j-wilson_03

SP: What is the best place you’ve visited?

SJW: Khao Sok in Thailand. If I die and go to heaven, I’ll wake up there.

SP: What are your key pieces for AW13?

SJW: A pastel oversized wool coat in pink or blue. A longline biker. A super long white tee and a leather mini skirt.

SP: Who would you love to work with?

SJW: A$AP Rocky. His style is on point everytime and he’s a total babe.

SP: What was the last text you received?

SJW: A guy taking me on a surprise date. He told me to wear flat shoes… He obviously hasn’t figured out yet that I don’t own any heels!

SP: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

SJW: Check my snapchats. Is that sad?

SP: Who is your style icon?

SJW: My style icons are everyday people. People I spot on the tube, in a bar, on the street. I love Teyana Taylor for wearing the best sneeks too.


sara-j-wilson_06_06 sara-j-wilson_08

SP: Where are your favourite shopping spots?

SJW: Man Up Girl, COS, Beyond Retro, anything I can get my hands on as a freebie and of course… Stylistpick!!


Check out Sara’s blog at Sara Wilson | Blog http://sjmwilson.com/blog/ via @sjmwilson

Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/sjmwilson