SP interviews Lily Cole

12 June 2013

Now you can look good and do good with Lily Cole’s new limited edition jewellery collection, sold right here at Stylistpick. The line, a collaboration with Sky Rainforest Rescue, which is campaigning to save one billion Amazonian trees, is made from wild rubber from the region. We caught up with Lily about the collection and her trip into the rainforest 

Hi Lily! Tell us about the time you spent in the Amazon

It was a life changing experience. It was wonderful to learn more about the issues the forest face, and to be able to see the positive solutions available to us. It would be amazing if from this trip we can really change something fundamental in the rainforest, long term. I believe this is possible through developing wild rubber products. You don’t necessarily have to be in love with the rainforest to understand its value. It contributes 20 percent of the oxygen we breathe so is pretty fundamental to life – there, or here.

Was it an otherworldly experience being so far removed from London and the jet set actress lifestyle?

The jet set actress lifestyle is a bit of an illusion, some of my best moments in life come from when I feel still and settled and with the people I love. That’s what I aspire towards in my lifestyle.

How has the experienced changed you?

It has put me on a bit of a mission to see what else can be done with Amazonian wild rubber! I’m currently exploring ideas and seeing where they go.

When did you first fall in love with nature?

When I was 16 I visited the mountains in northern Japan and have had a developing relationship with nature ever since! Nature continues to blow my mind wherever I go. Even walking past the tulips in Regent’s Park or looking up at the trees in Hampstead Heath brings a stillness to my mind that I really value.

What small things can we do now, that will help?

I am keen on supporting rainforest products as that would seem to be the most long-term way of protecting the rainforest. I hope in time a growing market can be created for forest products, such as Amazonian wild rubber. Essentially it could protect the rainforest by making it worth more standing than cut down. It can also be as simple as thinking about the food you buy or reducing use of electronics.

Find out more about how to get involved in protecting the rainforest at sky.com/rainforestrescue 

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